Welcome to PiBang Linux

This is PiBang Linux. A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It is inspired by Crunchbang Linux, and based on Raspbian. Want to know all the differences? Here is a full list of what makes PiBang different from Raspbian.

PiBang Linux is committed to providing a highly configured Openbox desktop environment for the Raspberry Pi. We are also committed to contributing back to the Linux communtiy and working to actively develop the software included in the distribution.

What's new right now?

PiBang is no longer under active developemnt

We are not saying PiBang is dead. What we are saying is that what we have is good enough and it isn't really worth it to develop it further. The Raspberry Pi is a great piece of hardware, but we (Nathan) no longer feels that energy put into PiBang is beneficial to the Ras-Pi community. PiBang is and always was kind of a "hacker distro" and in that reguard it is still relevent if you want to get an image and play around. It isn't dead and it is still good and usable. Just don't expect a new image for a while. (Although we might surprise you)

Get Involved!

The best way to help the Pibang community used to be feedback. Getting in the forums. Signing Up and telling us what you think. What we really need now is knowledgeable and passionate volunteers that want to continue down the road the project started traveling down. Nathan can no longer do all the heavy lifting with occasional contributions. We (Nathan) are/is willing to train a motivated volunteer.

Liking us helps too!

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